Find out about all the interesting ways we learn at Dalmarnock Primary School. All our classes get visitors or excursions during the school year and we learn lots from this.

Look at the pictures and read below to find out more...

Primary 2 meeting Santa Claus
This is Primary 2 and Mrs Sinclar when they were visiting Santa Claus in the Winter Gardens.

The Winter Gardens are located at Glasgow Green. They are part of the People's Palace which is a fantastic place to visit in the middle of winter

Oh what fun it is to ride a one horse open sleigh!

Primary 2 had great fun on their sleigh ride around Glasgow Green with Santa.

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!

Primary 3 also got a ride on santa's sleigh.

Here you can see Primary 4 and Primary 7 helping to clean up the community. They were picking up litter which had been dropped in the streets around our school. The children and teachers want to make our community a cleaner and safer place to play and live.

Here is some of the rubbish we collected!
Primary 4 and 7 helping to clean up the community by picking up litter

We have been very lucky to meet two authors this year. This is Lari Don who is reading from her new novel "Wdlf Notes." It is a very imaginative story and great to read. We have several copies in our class and the teacher read it to us at the start of the year.

Science club after school is fantastic fun! We carry out lots of experiments to investigate our theories.

Mrs Ratcliffe loves mountain biking
We had a brilliant day out mountain biking at Pollock Park.

Gymnastics in Primary 7 is amazing!
We have been learning how to do pyramid balances. To be successful we have to work as a team.