Dalmarnock Primary School - Scotland



This is Dalmarnock Primary school in Glasgow, Scotland.
We are very proud of our new school.
We hope you enjoy learning about our school on this site and you find it of great interest!

Dalmarnock Primary school serves a large area in the East End of Glasgow. We are a non-denominational school covering all stages from P1 to P7. The new school building opened in February 2007 and is an attractive modern two storey building. The classrooms are a good size and the children benefit from a shared learning space in each of the three pods, an ICT suite, library, gym hall, music room and a spacious dining hall. The grounds are designed with lots of outdoor activities including an all weather football pitch. London Road Nursery also shares our campus. We are currently trying to further develop our playground by creating small garden areas to encourage our children to grow their own flowers and vegetables. This exciting project will hopefully flourish this spring when the children begin planting their seeds!

Our School Badge
Band Stand at Bridgeton Cross, locally known as "The Umbrella"

This is our school badge which was designed by our pupils.
It was inspired by the famous local band stand at Bridgeton Cross
which is very near to our school.

Meet Our Classes

Primary 7 with their teachers Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Ward
Primary 7 in our snowy playground. We have had lots of snow this winter, much more than usual. We liked having the snow to play in during our school holidays but we don't like it now we are back at school. This is because we are not allowed out at playtime when it is snowing, so it gets really boring when we can't get out to play all day.

Primary 5
This is the primary 5 class in Pod 2. Can you see the sea pictures behind them?

Primary 4
This is the Primary 4 class in the library and computer suite. Primary 4 like doing research on the computers. Some children like to read for information in the library.

This is Primary 3/4. Mrs McAllister teaches this class.


This is Primary 1/2 and Mrs McMillan. They like singing, drama, gym, art and crafts. If they are good they get golden time or time to play on the football pitch.


This is Mrs Taylor and Primary 2/3.
They are getting ready to go home at
3 o'clock after working hard in class all day. They are learning about Knights and Castles this term.

This is Primary 1 and their teacher Miss Lurinsky outside their classroom. They made the Enormous Crocodile picture and wrote stories about it.