March 2010 - Ravenna, Italy

A long time before this visit the children from all partner schools were very busy preparing works of art connected with the sea. Then, the best works were sent to Italy and put on an art exhibition prepared by our Italian host school. The exhibition was one of the most important events during the second project visit. But there were others, too. We had a chance to visit all classes in all three San Biagio schools and say hello to all students. We were invited to visit beautiful Ravenna with its historical sights and magnificent mosaics. There was a lot of planning going on, too, during the Comenius meetings.
All five schools involved in our project worked with children across the school to produce art work related to the sea. Each school selected 30 pieces of art to send to Ravenna for our ‘Grand Exhibition.’ The exhibition was so successful that four different Italian newspapers printed stories about our project. Pieces of art were photographed to enable us to publish a calendar in 2011.
The exhibition was held in Torre School, in Ravenna and was open to public for a month.
This part of the project has increased motivation as all the staff, pupils and parents were keen to get involved.